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    COVID’s Lasting Impact on Japan's Beauty Trends

    9/20/21 | 10:18 AM time

    Consumers Are Looking for Make-up Again – But It Should Be Light and Caring

    Japan's consumers are once again turning to decorative make-up. The approach of a post-COVID world has Mintel's market researchers forecasting a markedly positive outlook for the sector over the next twelve months. The analysts observe that the recent "non-foundation" trend will have a decisive influence on future consumer preferences.

    High-quality Care with Minimal Stress for the Skin

    Face masks also dominated the public image in Japan in 2020. As a consequence, consumers used little to no make-up. According to the market researchers, cosmetics users started rethinking what natural beauty means to them during this time. They increasingly invested in quality skincare and looked for new ways to feel beautiful and confident.

    Emphasis was placed on lighter make-up products that reduce the effects of stress on the skin. Finally, many consumers continue to suffer from skin irritation from wearing face masks for extended periods of time. As a result, there has been an increase in demand particularly for products that provide sun protection. According to Mintel, 41 per cent of Japan's consumers take a preventive stance on beauty care by choosing formulations that have a sun protection factor. Sun protection will therefore continue to grow in popularity, Mintel predicts.

    Concealers for Women – and for Men

    Another trend identified by the market analysts is an increased demand for concealers. For example, many consumers in Japan are substituting foundation for concealer, as it provides both coverage and moisturisation. Japanese beauty brands have already begun adapting the formulations of their concealer products for such use.

    According to Mintel, even male consumers in Japan have started to embrace concealer as a beauty product. The analysts conclude that this trend has been triggered primarily by the increase in video conferencing. Japan's cosmetics companies are already responding to men's increased interest in beauty. The number of new concealer products has increased significantly. This even includes nail cosmetics. Newly developed coloured nail polish products for men, for example, increased from 0 per cent in 2008 to 36 per cent in 2020.

    Source: Mintel, Photo: Adobe Stock / sakura

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