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    Vegan Alternative to Silicone

    10/20/20 | 9:00 AM time

    Arlasense V5 Emollient Intends to Provide Comparable Sensory Properties

    Croda, a speciality chemicals producer, has added a vegan emollient to its portfolio with the launch of Arlasense V5. According to the company, it is 100 per cent animal-free and is made from 65 per cent natural sources in accordance with ISO 16128.

    Croda is introducing the new compound as an alternative to silicones, as it can provide comparable properties through its formulation. According to reports, Arlasense V5 ensures that the product feels good, spreads well on the skin and offers a wide pH tolerance range.

    Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

    According to the manufacturer, the viscosity and freezing point of Arlasense V5 are very low. Due to its ether structure, it can act as a non-polar material. According to the company, this makes the emollient widely applicable. The range of applications covers everything from skincare and haircare to colour cosmetics, sunscreens and deodorants.

    By introducing this new emollient, the manufacturer wants to offer an ingredient that allows formulations to meet the growing consumer awareness regarding sustainable products. Consequently, in addition to the pleasant feel of cosmetics, their animal-free or vegan ingredients are playing an increasingly important role.

    Source: Croda, Photo: Adobe Stock / gamelover

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