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XenoPeel is the most advanced selection of unmodulated and unbuffered chemical peeling.

Chemical peeling is an exfoliating and regenerating treatment able to deeply interact with the skin, bringing it benefits and excluding invasive surgical approaches.

XenoPeel treatment enhances cell turnover as a consequence to the exfoliation, inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands, improving the natural sebum regulating action, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen with the consequent restructuring of the matrix of the dermis, shrinks dilated pores by improving skin texture, decreases wrinkles, gives compactness, evens out the tone and helps to give brightness, regulates the alterations, imperfections and lightens the complexion, mitigates the signs of excessive sun exposure, melasma and rosacea, reduces the manifestations of acne, improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

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