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    Innovations of the cosmetics supplying industry

    More than 400 exhibitors and represented companies will be introducing their innovative new solutions for future product ideas in the cosmetics industry at CosmeticBusiness 2017. A large number of new products – from areas that include raw materials, manufacturing and packaging – will be waiting for visitors to the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry on 21 and 22 June in the MOC Events Centre in Munich.

    All information given is based on details provided by the exhibitors.

    Leipziger Messe accepts no liability for the functional adequacy or safety of the products described. All photos are provided by exhibitors and/or manufacturers and may be used only for the purpose of editorial coverage of news and must mention the exhibitor by name in the photo credits.

    Newsreport for download (692.6 kB)button image

    New products in raw materials and manufacturing

    ECO-SQUALANE® – first bio-based alternative of olive squalane | Photo: Biosynthis Sarl

    Biosynthis_Sarl_ECO-SQUALANE (JPG, 187.9 kB)

    DreiMed baby range for babies’ sensitive skin | Photo: Dreiturm GmbH

    Dreiturm_DreiMed Baby (JPG, 4.0 MB)

    Brand new serum with anti-aging effect | Photo: M. Opitz & Co. AG

    M.Opitz_Phyto de Luxe_Phyoto DS Forbidden Serum (JPG, 1.0 MB)

    Natural protection and care with Natura-Tec Plantsoft Wax | Photo: NCD Ingredients GmbH

    NCD_Natura-Tec Plantsoft Wax (JPG, 3.9 MB)

    Areaumat Perpetua G – reduces redness and strengthens the skin’s barrier function | Photo: ProTec Ingredia GmbH

    ProTec Ingredia_Areaumat Perpetua G (JPG, 64.9 kB)

    Pinolumin – soothes and protects the skin from inflammatory reactions | Photo: ProTec Ingredia GmbH

    ProTec Ingredia_Pinolumin (JPG, 26.9 kB)

    Unprecedented way of combating wrinkle appearance | Photo: Sederma GmbH

    Sederma_Matrixyl® Morphomics (JPG, 135.1 kB)

    PROTEOL™ APL EF – rich, creamy foam for sensitive skin | Photo: Seppic GmbH

    Seppic_Proteol APL EF (JPG, 9.4 MB)

    CONTACTICEL – the promise of skin protection in concentrated form | Photo: Seppic GmbH

    Seppic_Contacticel (PNG, 458.4 kB)

    Lessonia has developed new formulas with natural decorative particles | Photo: Lessonia

    Lessonia_decorative particles formulations (JPG, 1.6 MB)

    First-time appearances and newly created products for packaging

    Link – innovative cap seal with locking system | Photo: Baralan International SPA

    Baralan_Link (JPG, 1.9 MB)

    Duo Cosmetic Pen System – two products in one | Photo: bomo trendline innovative Cosmetic GmbH

    bomo trendline_Lipliner Set (JPG, 1.9 MB)

    Avalon Light – Corpack’s Avalon range | Photo: Corpack GmbH

    Corpack_Avalon Light (JPG, 704.2 kB)

    Unique marble and onyx effects for plastics | Photo: Gabriel-Chemie Deutschland GmbH

    Gabriel-Chemie_Perfect Imperfection (JPG, 553.1 kB)

    The persuit of colors with GRAFE – the 2018 trend colors | Photo: GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH

    Grafe_The Pursuit of Colors (JPG, 361.3 kB)

    HCT Europe presents new gel sponge Gellie Sponge | Photo: HCT Europe Ltd.

    HCT_Gelli Sponge (JPG, 108.2 kB)

    AMAZE'n'GAZE – glass flacon with extraordinary design | Photo: Heinz-Glas GmbH & Co. KGaA

    Heinz-Glas_Amaze'n'Gaze (JPG, 2.3 MB)

    Floating Crystals – high-quality crystals provide glamour | Photo: INOTECH Group

    INOTECH_Floating Crystals (JPG, 2.7 MB)

    ‘CrystalClear’ Plastic Tube delivers see-through transparency | Photo: Lageen Tuboplast Ltd.

    Lageen_CrystalClear (JPG, 607.6 kB)

    ‘Authentic Emotions’ – colour forecast for spring and summer | Photo: Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG

    Lifocolor_Colour Road (JPG, 730.5 kB)

    Lipstick Rouge – elegant shape customized by pop-up technique | Photo: Lumson

    Lumson_Lipstick-Rouge (PNG, 555.7 kB)

    One o One – new generation of Airless with a piston-system | Photo: Lumson

    Lumson_One o One (PNG, 349.1 kB)

    Nail Director® – new level of nail care thanks to one-click system | Photo: RUSI Cosmetic GmbH & Co. KG

    RUSI_Nail Director (JPG, 417.2 kB)

    Calla Flock – Applikator mit integriertem Bulk-Reservoir | Foto: RUSI Cosmetic GmbH & Co. KG RUSI_Calla Flock

    RUSI_Calla Flock (JPG, 567.9 kB)

    Kosmetikpinsel FINA – Trendsetter im luxuriösen Design | Foto: Pinselmanufaktur Zahn Zahn Pinsel_FINA

    Zahn Pinsel_FINA (JPG, 58.6 kB)

    Zanpack silk digital – new digital print grade for high-quality packaging | Photo: Zanders GmbH

    Zanders_Zanpack silk digital (JPG, 282.0 kB)

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