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    The Most Successful Cosmetic Brands in China

    6/12/19 | 3:00 PM time

    Kantar Worldpanel publishes market analysis for the Chinese cosmetics market

    The market research company Kantar Worldpanel has published market analysis results for the cosmetics market in China. According to the company, the economic sector is booming in this region with growth rates of 13 per cent in skin care and 17 per cent in colour cosmetics. In this context, the company now presented the most popular cosmetic brands in the People's Republic.

    The Most Attractive Brands

    In the area of skin care, the local brand Pechoin is the market leader. L'Oréal Paris and Dabao by Johnson & Johnson follow closely. NIVEA by Beiersdorf is in fourth place.

    Maybelline New York by L'Oréal is the most popular brand in colour cosmetics and Carslan by the same manufacturer is in second place. The third most popular brand is Dior by LVMH, followed by MAC by Esteé Lauder in fourth place.

    The Big Labels' Secrets

    Based on this data about the most popular brands, Kantar Worldpanel has identified three factors that helped these labels stand out in the Chinese market. According to the company, it is the high innovation rates and the constant development of new concepts and products that make these companies prevail. Moreover, the brands constantly update and improve their range and image to keep pace with the latest trends. Another key to success was the simultaneous use of online and offline communication channels intended to appeal to a particularly young clientele.

    New Brands Continue to Gain Popularity

    According to Kantar Worldpanel, it is particularly new brands and newcomers to the Chinese market that have been able to generate astonishing growth in recent years. Big winners include GP Club's JM Solution in skin care and Estée Lauder's MAC in colour cosmetics.

    Generating Success for Smaller Brands

    Kantar Worldpanel also identified ways for smaller brands and newcomers in China to survive in this competitive market environment. The company recommends that labels gain recognition through their expertise and let their products ingredients speak for themselves. In addition, a strong presence on social media can help to increase success. The company also advises newcomers to the Chinese market to react quickly to new trends and always be ready to launch new products.

    Source: Kantar Worldpanel, photo: Adobe Stock / Mr. Note19

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