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    Sustainable Packaging Solutions Made of Biocomposite

    5/29/19 | 10:16 AM time

    Stora Enso launches new packaging material - a mix of wood fibres and polymers

    Stora Enso has launched a new, sustainable packaging alternative with its new packaging material, DuraSense. The Swedish-Finnish manufacturer has developed a composite material made of wood fibre and various polymers, which can be used in the cosmetics industry, according to Stora Enso.

    Biocomposite as a Plastic Alternative

    Biocomposites are more sustainable alternatives to plastic. The different composites always combine a biogenic source material with another material. DuraSense is based on wood fibres that are combined with different types of polymers. The latter can come from either fossil or bio-based sources or have already undergone recycling.

    Composite Material Is Up to 98% Recyclable

    By combining renewable raw materials and polymers, DuraSense offers better performance in terms of sustainability than comparable packaging materials, according to Stora Enso. If opted for the wood fibre and biopolymer biocomposite mix, the packaging material is up to 98% recyclable.

    Furthermore, the material can be reused up to seven times and afterwards either be recycled with plastic or burned for energy production.

    It's Possible to Easily Switch to Biocomposite

    According to Stora Enso's information, the biocomposite has practically the same characteristics as plastic in the manufacturing process. This means that a switch to a more sustainable alternative requires hardly any changes to the production process. Even existing moulds for plastic can be used to design packaging solutions made of DuraSense.

    Source, photo: Stora Enso

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