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    Seppic Launches Organic Texture Powder

    5/22/19 | 9:00 AM time

    The company will present its latest ingredient at CosmeticBusiness 2019

    With its ingredient SEPIFINE BB, Seppic will present a new additive for cosmetic formulations. The texturising powder is obtained from the Brazilian babassu palm and is therefore biodegradable as well as coming from ethical agriculture. The French company will present the new active ingredient at CosmeticBusiness in June.

    Alternative Ingredient for a Range of Cosmetics

    The new texture powder is starch-based and thus an ecological alternative to synthetic powder variants. It dissolves in both water and oil and can therefore be used as a texturising agent for a large range of cosmetic products. These include gels, emulsions, powders and sunscreens. Moreover, SEPIFINE BB has a high oil absorption rate and thus provides sebum-control.

    Ethical Business around the Ingredient

    According to Seppic, no genetically modified organisms or preservatives are used in the production of SEPIFINE BB. Moreover, the ethical extraction of the raw material from the babassu palm is certified by the Brazilian environmental organisation Origens Brasil.

    SPOTLIGHT: Seppic at CosmeticBusiness 2019

    Seppic will present its latest ingredients at CosmeticBusiness on June 5 and 6. On the first day of the trade fair, the French company will be giving a very in-depth look at the production of its active ingredients at the SPOTLIGHT Show in Hall 1 of the MOC in Munich. Interested parties will then find the company in Hall 2, Stand B12, for the entire duration of the trade fair.

    Source, photo: Seppic

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