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    Sustainable Packaging at CosmeticBusiness

    5/15/19 | 9:00 AM time

    The trade fair is presenting innovative product solutions in the packaging sector

    From 5 to 6 June, the next edition of CosmeticBusiness will be held. At the MOC in Munich, innovative companies from the cosmetics industry will present their products. This year, sustainability is once again a major topic at the trade fair. In addition to organic ingredients, the exhibitors will also be presenting sustainable packaging solutions. In this area Edelmann, Gramß, Louvrette and RPC Bramlage will introduce their latest developments.

    Edelmann to present material-saving boxes

    The Heidenheim-based company is bringing sustainable folding cartons to the trade fair this year. The product solution is suitable for packaging cosmetic crucibles and is particularly material-saving due to its special design. In addition, the manufacturing process also focuses on the economical use of resources.

    Gramß to present flap fasteners made of recycled material

    This year Gramß will be presenting its new sustainable hinged fasteners at CosmeticBusiness. The fasteners are made entirely of recycled material and both post-industry and post-consumer versions are available. The parts made from industrial waste save an additional 50 per cent CO2 during their production compared to using new material.

    Louvrette: bottles made of recycled PET with a high-quality look

    Louvrette specialises in the design of high-quality packaging for the cosmetics industry. This year, the company will be presenting bottles made of recycled PET at the trade fair. The packaging parts are not only sustainable but also visually appealing thanks to their luxurious glass look.

    RPC Bramlage with Reusable Cosmetic Crucibles

    The company from Oldenburg is bringing a reusable packaging solution to the trade fair. Natura Pack crucibles are double-walled. Once the product is used up, the consumer retains the outer packaging and can order a replacement for the contents. The inner part of the packaging is recycled. According to RPC Bramlage, the crucibles can be designed according to customer requirements and are particularly suitable for e-commerce.

    Further Sustainable Suggestions on the New Green Route

    Further sustainability solutions can be found this year on the CosmeticBusiness Green Route. In the online exhibitor directory and the trade fair guide visitors can get an overview of all exhibitors, products and services that help to develop an even more sustainable industry in the future.

    Source, photo: Edelmann, Gramß, Louvrette, RPC Bramlage

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