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    Nissin Food Joins the Cosmetics Market

    5/3/19 | 9:00 AM time

    The Japanese food manufacturer is adding dietary supplements to its product range

    Nissin Food, the Japanese food brand, is now also active in the cosmetics market. Its first product is a beauty drink for female customers. According to Mintel this reflects a global trend in the cosmetics market. Throughout the world, customers are treating their bodies like ecosystems and looking for holistic cosmetic solutions that strengthen the body from the inside and outside.

    Competition in the Japanese Market

    The Japanese cosmetics market is characterised above all by its high saturation of brands and products. In order to be successful, in this competitive environment, many companies offer dietary supplements that aim to create a link between general well-being and external beauty. This seems to appeal to many customers: according to Mintel, more than ten per cent of Japanese consumers are interested in buying dietary supplements that improve the appearance of their skin.

    HYAL Moist Beauty Essence from Nissin Food

    The Japanese food manufacturer has ventured into the cosmetics market with a beauty drink: HYAL Moist Beauty Essence. It promises to moisturise and repair damage from UV radiation. This supplement is enriched with collagen and contains a formula that over time transforms lactic acid bacteria into hyaluronic acid, a cosmetic multi-talent.

    Dietary Supplements: a Global Trend

    On the international market, the supply and demand for dietary supplements is also growing steadily. Even Bobbi Brown has launched a whole range of beauty pills: Evolution_18 Beauty Boosters. Each version promises different beauty effects for specific body parts from the skin to the hair.

    Italian food manufacturer Foodness has introduced its Mermaid Latte - a vitamin booster for maximum concentration and stress resistance.

    According to Mintel the search for "eternal youth" will continue to be one of the biggest trends worldwide. As a result, the demand for holistic dietary supplements will continue to rise - for beauty that comes from the inside.

    Source: Mintel, photo: Nissin Food

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