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    Henkel: Annual Report 2018

    4/25/19 | 9:00 AM time

    The company presents its financial results and shares its 2019 forecast

    At its annual general meeting, Henkel announced that it was able to continue its stable growth in the 2018 fiscal year. Results reached a new high. In this context, Henkel announced that it would be distributing the highest payout in the company's history. The consumer goods giant also presented a forecast for the current fiscal year and explained its growth initiatives.

    Stable Business Performance with Record Returns

    Last year, Henkel successfully continued its positive sales trend, achieving a record result for the year. The company's annual general meeting has now approved the distribution of the highest return in the company's history. The dividend value increased by 3.4 per cent compared to the previous year and reached EUR 1.85 per preference share and EUR 1.83 per common share. That corresponds to a total distribution of 805 million euros.

    Forecast for the Current Financial Year

    Hans Van Bylen, Henkel's CEO, talked about a "challenging market environment" in the current financial year. Even though the company anticipates weaker currency effects, it expects raw material prices to rise by a single-digit percentage rate. All in all, the company expects organic growth of between 2 and 4 per cent in 2019.

    Strategic Company Development

    In January 2019, Henkel announced its new "Henkel 2020+" strategy for the future, and now the company is working on its implementation. The growth initiative has a total of four strategic objectives: promoting growth, digitalisation, increasing agility and greater investment in company growth, amounting to a total of EUR 300 million per financial year.

    In addition to these strategic goals, Henkel has now defined a number of smaller objectives. For instance, they intend to present a united front in Europe in support of the European Union, to focus even more on sustainability and to promote a diverse workforce within the company.

    Source, photo: Henkel

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