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    K-Beauty: Back to Minimalism

    4/18/19 | 8:00 AM time

    Korean beauty market trend returns to small, simple products

    Usually, the Korean cosmetics market is characterised by elaborate beauty routines and complex products. Now, according to Mintel, the trend is heading back to minimalism. The market research company has identified a group of consumers in South Korea who have deliberately avoided elaborate beauty rituals.

    The Honjok - young Korean loners

    The trend is mainly based on the so-called Honjok - or "loner" in Korean. However, they are not necessarily living on their own. It is more a matter of conviction. The Honjok are mainly young citizens who prefer to spend their time alone, whether this is at work or when relaxing. In the context of urbanisation and modernisation, their individuality is important to them and they do not want to be disturbed by other people.

    Skin Care becoming "Skip Care"

    Korean cosmetics are known above all for the particularly extensive beauty routines that should be followed on a daily basis. These routines can easily contain up to ten steps. The new trend is targeted against this complicated beauty care and is changing Skin Care quite simply into "Skip Care". Many consumers are looking for products that allow them to skip some individual steps of these long routines or are combining several products to create one solution.

    Dealing with cosmetics

    For many young people this new attitude signifies the omission of extensive beauty routines. Consumers are looking for simple, small products or all-in-one solutions that free them from the complexity of a typical K-Beauty routine.

    Facial brushes, peeling and massage devices and also lifting devices are still popular in the field of cosmetic equipment. However, the trend in this area is also heading towards all-in-one solutions.

    Source: Mintel, photo: Adobe Stock / Pathathai Chungyam

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