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    China: Digital Cosmetic Trends

    4/3/19 | 9:00 AM time

    The new Gartner L2 online study highlights five major cosmetic trends from the Chinese web

    Internet trends are increasingly influencing the purchasing behaviour of consumers. Gartner L2, a market research company, recently conducted an online study focusing on the Chinese market. They have identified five cosmetics trends that are particularly popular on websites in China. These trends ranged from popular product categories to thematic trends in certain products.

    C-Beauty: Cosmetics from China

    An increasing number of Chinese customers are interested in cosmetics developed and produced in their home country. Manufacturers adorn their products with slogans like "The glory of Chinese goods" and online retailers like Alibaba are encouraging users to buy local cosmetics. In 2017 less than half of the Chinese manufacturers advertised their articles' origin, by December 2018 about 72 per cent of them were making this distinction.

    Cosmetics for Men

    More and more male consumers on the Chinese internet are looking for cosmetic products that go beyond skin and beard care. The demand for colour cosmetics is increasing. Chanel, for example, has already responded to this trend. The company sells its Boy de Chanel line over WeChat, and Tom Ford offers concealers for men on TMall. These platforms are Chinese e-commerce portals.

    Top Selling Lipsticks

    According to Gartner L2, lipsticks are one of the most popular types of products on the domestic market and premium brands are particularly in demand. International suppliers such as MAC Cosmetics, YSL Beauty and Giorgio Armani Beauty generate 80 per cent of their online unit sales from lipsticks.

    Between Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals: Cosmeceuticals

    Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products that promise a medicinal effect. This category of products has become more popular in the Chinese market due to the demand for highly effective ingredients. Even international brands such as L'Oréal Paris and Elizabeth Arden are adapting to this trend and trying to score points with Chinese consumers. However, with a new rule, the government has now moved to weaken this trend: Suppliers can no longer claim that their cosmetic products have any medicinal effect.

    The Aesthetics of Ancient China

    Numerous television shows that are set in ancient or medieval China are currently very popular. This trend inspires customers to look for traditional Chinese looks and C-beauty suppliers as well as international companies are taking advantage of this trend. Guerlain, for example, has teamed up with the hit drama Story of Yanxi Palace, whose characters are wearing lipstick from the French brand. Previously, other providers have even launched complete product sets based on this theme.

    Source: Gartner L2, photo: geargodz – adobe.stock.com

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