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    Beauty trends in the USA, France and Japan

    6/12/17 | 8:00 AM time

    Google says face masks rank among this year’s most popular skin care products

    Google surveys the search queries of internet users several times a year. Now, the company has published this year’s most popular skin care trends for the USA, France and Japan. The clear leader: face masks.

    To identify the year’s beauty trends, Google split the care products into a variety of categories and observed the search volume between September 2014 and September 2016. And face masks were the most sought-after care products not only in the USA but also in France and Japan.

    According to Google, search terms in which US consumers were particularly interested in this connection included DIY face masks, charcoal, Dead Sea, mud and peel-off masks. In France, ‘black masks’ that are said to remove dead skin cells and blackheads are also sought-after. Japanese consumers researched a great deal into the most popular sheet masks and mask for the lips.

    In this connection, there is a skin problem that concerns American, French and Japanese consumers equally: many suffer from acne, blackheads and greasy skin, and want to cure the problem with the help of a mask. According to Google, many Japanese women also use face masks to lighten their facial skin.

    In addition to this top trend, Google also notes four supplementary trends among consumers:

    1st spotlight trend: devices for daily beauty care

    Particularly in the USA, (electric) brushes for daily body and beauty care are sought after very frequently on the internet whereby face brushes appear in all three markets.

    2nd spotlight trend: DIY cosmetics and care

    A spotlight trend of particular interest to consumers in the USA and France is DIY whereby the trend towards DIY cosmetics and beauty care is increasingly displacing the term ‘homemade’.

    3rd spotlight trend: bathing and home-made bath bombs

    Terms from the world of bathing, e.g., bath bombs, are also trending in the United States and France. As Google reports, this trend is growing twice as fast in these two countries as in Japan.

    4th spotlight trend: men’s skincare

    The volume of internet searches for men’s skincare is rising continuously in all three countries whereby the searches have evolved into more specific terms, such as ‘men’s face wash’ and ‘men’s face moisturiser’.

    Source: Google, photo: Fotolia / WDnet Studio

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