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    Help in realising product concepts

    6/7/17 | 8:51 AM time

    Pretty Smart Innovations aids customers in developing formulas independent of raw materials

    From 21 to 22 June Pretty Smart Innovations by Dr. Straetmans will be exhibiting for the first time at Cosmetic Business in Hall 4 on Booth E18. This independent business section of Dr. Straetmans was founded in 2015 and since then, by its own description, has been assisting its customers in the development of modern, tailor-made and safe formulas, to reflect changes in the market, consumer attitudes or statutory regulations. We spoke about this business section with Manuela Salmina-Petersen, Director of Customer Projects at Pretty Smart Innovations by Dr. Straetmans.

    Frau Salmina-Petersen, where did the idea for Pretty Smart Innovations come from?

    The idea for Pretty Smart Innovations grew from our daily work in application technology at Dr. Straetmans. To explain, perhaps I should say that Dr. Straetmans is a supplier of raw materials for cosmetics well established for some decades. The application technology in our firm supports the marketing of raw materials in a precise way through formulation work. This process involves incorporating the raw materials in normal market formulas and serves our customers as a source of inspiration for their own development projects. In the course of time therefore our customers increasingly asked us whether we could support them in their own product ideas – not just with regard to our own raw materials and our normal application-technology services, but instead as a comprehensive service provider for overall product development. Thus, for us it was almost a logical consequence that we should found an independent service section in which we aid and assist customers at all levels of formula development independent of raw materials. The idea for Pretty Smart Innovations was born, and we realised it in 2015.

    What range of services does Pretty Smart Innovations offer its customers?

    Pretty Smart Innovations supports its customers by providing consultancy, formulation and safeguarding for cosmetic prescriptions. That means we aid and assist our customers from initial idea to actual product, via the development of new marketable formulas or optimisation of existing formulations, right up to testing and safeguarding formulas or individual ingredients. We offer our customers not just complete solutions, but also separate consultancy modules, in case they need our service only in individual areas. By means of this modular construction we aim to satisfy our customers’ needs in an optimum way. Our range covers all product areas of classical and natural cosmetics, such as hair and skin care, colour cosmetics, baby care or sun protection. One of our core areas of expertise in particular is that of natural and certified cosmetics. Up to now we have been able to realise numerous successful concepts and product ideas for our customers. In doing so, we consider it important that we should develop modern, high-quality and mature formulas, which of course are also safe and stable.

    For which customers are the services of Pretty Smart Innovations designed?

    Our customers are highly varied. They may be large or small cosmetic producers without their own development department or laboratory facilities. Start-up companies who want to realise their business ideas together with us, marketing agencies, retail businesses or raw-materials suppliers to the cosmetics industry who are looking for advice on application technology. Actually, a very wide range of firms in quest of individual and exclusive product concepts and a service which is tailor-made for them.

    Of whom does the team at Pretty Smart Innovations consist, and what is their expertise?

    The employees in our team are cosmetic technologists and scientists with many years of professional experience in product development and the cosmetics industry. Along with their expertise of course they also bring great enthusiasm to bear on cosmetic products and the latest trends in cosmetics. Every day we work, with plenty of creativity and openness, on the development of new ideas and exciting projects.

    Frau Salmina-Petersen, thank you for the interview.

    Photo: Pretty Smart Innovations by Dr. Straetmans

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