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    Social media: influencers are powerful opinion formers

    6/6/17 | 8:00 AM time

    Did you know … that 13 % of all internet users are inspired to purchase by Vloggers?

    Well-known video bloggers (vloggers) and bloggers, so-called influencers, now have as strong an impact on purchasing decisions by German consumers as do TV or radio advertising. This is shown by the Social Media Atlas of the Hamburg communication consultant Faktenkontor and the market research company Toluna, for which 3,500 representative internet users aged 14 and above were surveyed, in the form of an online panel, with regard to their internet use.

    As the experts state, 13 % of all internet users in Germany have bought products or used services within one year because they were recommended by a vlogger on YouTube. TV advertising, on the other hand, influenced only 12 % of all on-liners. The bloggers succeeded in inspiring 5 % of those surveyed to make a purchase – putting them equal with radio advertising.

    Dr. Roland Heintze, managing director and social media expert at Faktenkontor, forecasts: “The influence of YouTubers and bloggers on purchasing decisions will grow strongly in future. For the impact of these influencers is particularly effective among the young target groups who are springing up and who have a natural affinity with the internet.”

    One teenager in two buys products as a result of influencer recommendations

    Even now influencers are particularly good at reaching teenagers: among 14 to 19-year-olds, over twelve months, one in two of those surveyed had been inspired by bloggers or vloggers to make a purchase. Among internet users in their twenties, this ratio stands at 33 %, among 30 to 39-year-olds at no less than 24 %.

    Source: Faktenkontor, photo: Fotolia / Syda Productions

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