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    Chinese beauty market in a state of flux

    6/2/17 | 8:00 AM time

    The trend is for multi-functional and hybrid products, contextualised care and mobile shopping

    Market research company Kantar Worldpanel has devoted its latest study to the Chinese cosmetics market. One of the central findings is that consumers are increasingly reducing the number of steps in their beauty care, as well as their use of beauty products. This trend can be seen in the following figures: some 31 % of Chinese people polled indicate that they are limiting their consumption of skin care products, whilst, according to experts, the market volume has increased by 20 % over the last few years. As a reason for this, the market researchers suggest the increasing popularity of multifunctional and hybrid cosmetics and skin care products, which combine several care properties.

    Moreover, Kantar Worldpanel assumes that the consumption of cosmetics in China will, in future, be more and more oriented towards the Korean market. As is now the trend in Korea, Chinese consumers, too, will change their daily care routine according to the context in which they find themselves, as well as adapting it to current needs and emotions, say the experts.

    Mobile shopping is driving online sales in China

    According to the market researchers, online turnover for the beauty sector in the second quarter of 2016 rose by 4.2 % compared to the same period the year before. At the same time, mobile devices, in particular, play a crucial role. For 55 % of the Chinese in the survey, the smartphone is the device, which influences them most in deciding what to buy. In the USA and Great Britain, only a third of consumers view things in the same way. For online sales of cosmetics, the experts tell us, it is the design of the shop display, modern advertising, sensory experiences and lifestyle aspirations which are the decisive factors.

    Young women constitute the major consumer group

    The largest consumer group in China are young women in their twenties, says Kantar Worldpanel. They make up 14.3 % of the total population, but, at the same time, they account for 38 % of the total value of make-up sold. These young consumers, the experts tell us, place great value on being modern and beautiful and regularly spend money on beauty products. They are, also, well informed about niche products and professional cosmetics, use all sales channels when buying and are entirely comfortable buying from electronic retail stores. As the market researchers indicate, three key factors are crucial for this consumer group: firstly, manufacturers and brands must create product groups that are adapted to the requirements of the consumers; secondly, young female consumers need to be won over to niche categories; and, thirdly, there is an advantage to having brand and product strategies that are adapted to individual, specific age groups.

    Source: Kantar Worldpanel, photo: Fotolia / Monet

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