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    Attractively packaged beauty products are convincing

    5/18/17 | 8:00 AM time

    Did you know … that 83 % of consumers occasionally purchase cosmetics for the gift wrapping?

    Around 83 % of consumers purchase gift-wrapped cosmetics spontaneously at the point-of-sale and 43 % treat themselves occasionally to appealingly packaged products. These are the main results of a new consumer poll on sales-promotion activities for cosmetic products. 1,000 people aged 16 to 70 provided information about their behaviour when it comes to buying gift-wrapped cosmetics for the study commissioned by German packaging and POS supplier STI.

    Special packaging for special occasions

    According to STI, one in two purchases of gift-wrapped cosmetics is made shortly before a birthday. Other important purchasing reasons mentioned by the respondents include seasonal occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas. 10 % of consumers also say they like to give cosmetics as a token of thanks.

    Consumers do not decide until they reach the point of sale

    The study shows clearly that over half of all consumers have no specific idea of what constitutes a suitable gift. Instead, they hope to gain inspiration in the shop and then make a spontaneous purchase. According to STI, two thirds of respondents do not take their decision until reaching the point of sale – if the packaging appeals there, then the product is very likely to land in the basket.

    The right packaging design is a guarantee of success

    Prof Christoph Melchers, Professor for Business Psychology at Business School Berlin, and his team identified six reasons for giving cosmetics. In the first place, a gift should be a source of pleasure and enthusiasm and thus, secondly, reinforce or, thirdly, revitalise the relationship between the giver and the recipient. Fourthly, the right packaging design enables the giver to use ritual opportunities and gives him or her, fifthly, a guarantee of success. To this end, the packaging – and this is the sixth reason – must underscore the content and occasion for giving the gift.

    Source: STI Group, photo: Fotolia / Africa Studio

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