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    Germany shows convincing international brand strength

    4/21/17 | 10:00 AM time

    Did you know … that ‘made in Germany’ is the most powerful quality mark for products and services in the world?

    Germany’s image as a manufacturer and exporter of goods and services is the best in the world. This is the conclusion of the 2017 ‘Made in Country Index’ (MICI) of data analysts Statista. In collaboration with the market research start-up, Dalia Research, their experts polled more than 43,000 consumers from 52 different countries – making this one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive studies of international trade.

    According to Statista, the label ‘made in Germany’ gets particularly positive ratings for the ‘quality’ and ‘safety standards’ of products and enjoys huge popularity across many national borders, with Germany being first place in 13 of the countries surveyed. Switzerland comes second, and is rated particularly highly worldwide in terms of ‘status symbol’ and ‘authenticity’. Italy scores well for design, whilst Japan gets top marks for ‘cutting-edge technology’. China, on the other hand, stands out when it comes to ‘price-performance ratio’.

    Relatively new label ‘made in the EU’ enjoys consumer confidence

    The joint epithet ‘made in the EU’, which was launched by the European Commission in 2003, now occupies third place in the world rankings. ‘Made in the EU’ inspires an enormous amount of confidence both in Europe and in all South American countries, including, for instance, Argentina and Columbia. The analysts tell us that the brand appeared amongst the top three eight times, mainly because of high ratings in the ‘quality’ and ‘technology’ categories.

    Home-grown products often enjoy highest ratings

    According to the MICI, consumers in the survey often rated their own country top. Examples of this were Germany, the USA and Great Britain, where those polled put their own country in first place. In contrast, the neighbouring countries were often assessed critically.

    “An unimpeachable ‘made in’ quality mark provides considerable protection. Conversely a nation’s brand can be damaged by political and economic events. This then has immediate economic consequences. Our index shows that ‘made in’ is a brand that must be taken care of and actively promoted, like any other brand,” says Statista CEO Friedrich Schwandt.

    Source: Statista, Photo: Fotolia / Aquir

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