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    New Ingredients on the Market

    5/20/20 | 9:00 AM time

    BASF, Symrise and Clariant Present Developments for Hair and Skin Care Products

    The companies BASF, Symrise and Clariant are coming up with new ingredients for the cosmetics industry. These developments are for hair and skin care products.

    BASF: Styling Polymer Offering Permanent Hold

    BASF is launching a new styling polymer, Luviset 360. According to the company, it offers flexible yet long-lasting hold. BASF claims that Luviset 360 is suitable for creating styling products - including hair gel, styling cream and hair wax - featuring a higher viscosity and a lower yield point for gel packaging. It has self-thickening properties at concentrations above four per cent. Hair care product manufacturers therefore need fewer carbomer thickeners to achieve the desired viscosity.

    Symrise: New Perspectives for Anti-Dandruff Products

    Consumers' demands on cosmetic products are high: they should reflect the trend towards more naturalness and be just as effective as conventional solutions. Symrise meets this demand with its anti-dandruff active ingredient Crinipan PMC green. The company reports that the ingredient works in an innovative way: Malassezia, a yeast fungus considered to be the cause of dandruff, activates its anti-dandruff properties. According to Symrise, this is how it is creating new possibilities for cosmetics manufacturers and their anti-dandruff products, which can now achieve the desired effectiveness with a 100 per cent organic active ingredient.

    Clariant: Rootness Energize and EquiScalp

    Clariant has developed two new ingredients. The first one is called Rootness Energize, which is derived from the root of the sponge gourd ("Luffa Cylindrica"). The ingredient is said to visibly improve skin elasticity, tone and firmness. The second is the new EquiScalp. This is an extract obtained from the plant stem cell technology of the Fuji apple ("Malus domestica"). Clariant reports that its sustainable process makes it possible to produce large quantities of the product with only a small amount of organic material at the beginning of the process.

    Source: BASF, Symrise, Clariant, photo: Adobe Stock/ Parilov

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