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    Natural Beauty Sleep

    5/11/20 | 9:00 AM time

    Ashland reveals new natural extract from lavender flowers to optimize skin’s nighttime needs

    Ashland has announced the launch of Nightessence biofunctional – a natural extract from premium true lavender flowers using the patented and proprietary plant small RNA technology. According to the American company this is the first of its kind biofunctional tailored to optimize skin’s nighttime needs and allow consumers to awaken with skin re-set for the day ahead.

    Enhancing Nocturnal Processes

    As written in one of Ashland’s recent press reports the Nightessence biofunctional enhances skin’s naturally occurring nocturnal process, dysregulated by hectic lifestyles, visible light and sun, and helps skin boost essential nighttime molecules such as timezyme and melatonin. The Nightessence biofunctional was eco-consciously designed and is extracted using green chemistry to offer a novel type of lavender essence to the cosmetic market.

    According to Asland company the new natural extract was clinically tested on a group of 36 Asian volunteers who worked the night shift or who stayed up very late. After using the product for a month, the volunteers showed a more rested skin with fewer dark circles.

    Source: Ashland, photo: Adobe Stock/ tstock

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