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    Combined Expertise for a Sustainable Future

    5/8/20 | 9:00 AM time

    BASF and Security Matters are working together to improve plastic recycling

    BASF and Security Matters have signed a contract to develop solutions for tracing and recycling plastics. In a joint press release, the two companies announced that they would combine their research and development capacities as well as the necessary resources as part of the agreement.

    Previous Plastic Recycling Problems

    According to BASF and Security Matters, generally speaking, plastics - with their specific characteristics and when used correctly - can contribute to a more sustainable and resource-saving future. However, current methods - such as mechanical recycling - cause the recycled plastic to lose its physical performance characteristics and quality compared to virgin plastic due to polymer degradation and residual impurities. Moreover, the recycling infrastructure is expensive, complicated and not available in many parts of the world.

    Knowledge Squared

    BASF and Security Matters plan to work together to tackle the plastic recycling problems. The Australian software company Security Matters is providing its technology to facilitate tracking both physically and digitally within the closed recycling lifecycle, while BASF is contributing its expertise in the field of plastic additives.


    Plans include the provision of a Track-and-Trace solution through Security Matters, which marks physical objects with an indelible chemical-based barcode and links them to a digital twin. The Australian company claims the barcode can withstand manufacturing and recycling processes without changing the appearance or performance of the object. The technology uses the barcode to capture a variety of information embedded in the plastic, which is used to close the recycling lifecycle of plastic.

    Source: BASF, photo: Adobe Stock / SimpLine

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