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    BABOR presents sustainable vision for the future

    4/27/20 | 9:00 AM time

    „Green Agenda 2025“: focus on CO2, packaging and ingredients

    The luxury cosmetics company BABOR presented its future vision for sustainability: "Green Agenda 2025", which includes the three key topics of CO2, packaging and ingredients.

    CO2 emissions to be actively avoided

    BABOR has announced that production at its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, has been CO2-neutral since 2014. Furthermore, this has been the case for the entire company since the beginning of this year. BABOR offsets any unavoidable in-house emissions. This applies both to the emissions produced by the company and its employees as well as in the product supply chain.

    Sustainable packaging and reformulation

    BABOR's goal is for 100 per cent of its packaging to be recyclable and for the consumption of plastic to be reduced by 30 per cent. BABOR states that it does not currently use plastic fillers in its packages and uses FSC-certified paper.

    The company also reports that all new formulations are being developed without the use of microplastics and synthetic polymers. Where possible, existing formulations are planned to be adapted to use alternatives by 2023 as part of relaunches.

    Sustainability Board as monitoring system

    "Green Agenda 2025" is being coordinated by a Sustainability Board. According to BABOR, it is designed to continuously question existing processes. The Sustainability Board was established this year.

    Source, photo: BABOR

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