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    Covid-19 is a catalyst for product safety

    4/3/20 | 9:00 AM time

    The pandemic increases the demand for safe beauty and personal care products

    According to Mintel, Covid-19 is impacting the way consumers approach beauty and personal care products. Prior to Covid-19, many consumers avoided ingredients such as preservatives in their beauty products. In the future, consumers will be more willing to accept these ingredients as long as brands provide evidence of efficacy and safety, reports the market-research company.

    Brands facing more pressure to convey safety

    More than one in 10 adults agree products expire too quickly, according to Mintel research on clean beauty. Consumers will scrutinize ingredient safety and evaluate the risk of possible product contamination. Covid-19 is a catalyst towards this movement, with brands facing more pressure to convey safety, longevity and efficacy.

    “Touchless” beauty products will see increased demand

    Spray and stick formats in both cosmetics and facial skincare have been increasing in popularity. With the arrival of Covid-19, “touchless” beauty products will see increased demand. Consumers will look to brands for guidance on how to keep their cosmetics clean and safe, says Mintel. The uncertainty caused by the pandemic leads to a greater need for safe beauty and personal care products, according to the market-research company.

    Source: Mintel, photo: Adobe Stock/ zinkevych

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