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    Pujolasos: Cork and Wood Packaging Caps

    11/22/19 | 9:00 AM time

    The manufacturer unveils environmentally friendly packaging parts for the perfume sector

    The Spanish packaging manufacturer Pujolasos has introduced a new packaging product for the perfume sector. The patented packaging caps "Woork" consist of cork and wood and are completely compostable - an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic solutions.

    Compostable Alternative

    With cork and wood, the Woork caps consist of 100 per cent renewable raw materials. Even the use of adhesives for fastening was abandoned during production so that the parts are completely compostable. According to Pujolasos, the caps can simply be disposed of at home with organic waste.

    Positioning in the Luxury Perfume Sector

    The company is positioning itself in the luxury segment of perfume packaging with Woork. The simple design in combination with the sustainability factor is intended to appeal to modern consumers.

    Source, photo: Pujolasos

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