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    Silk-like Protective Layer for Skin

    11/15/19 | 9:00 AM time

    Kao launches its first product combination based on its Fine Fiber Technology

    The Japanese cosmetics company Kao is about to launch the first products that use its newly developed Fine Fiber Technology. They have been developed to form a silk-like protective layer on the skin for optimal protection. The product line is made up of three articles that will be introduced to the market in Europe and Asia.

    The Fine Fiber Technology

    Fine Fiber Technology, developed by Kao, is a new way of binding ingredients to the skin. This procedure involves using a diffuser to spray microscopically small fibre particles onto the face. The result is a silk-like, flexible membrane that seals and protects the skin.

    Optimal Conditions for Skin Care Products

    Skin care products that are applied before the membrane are distributed evenly thanks to the capillary effect of the microscopic fibres. The skin can then easily absorb the products and moisture is regulated through small openings between the individual particles.

    Three-component Product Combination

    The first launch of Fine Fiber Technology is a combination of three products. The final step of daily night care is to apply a water-based sealing essence. A special diffuser can then be used to spray the fibre solution onto the face. According to Kao, the small device was developed in collaboration with Panasonic.

    Launch in Europe and Asia

    In Asia, Kao plans to launch the product line under the est label. Sales are expected to start in December in Japan. Sales in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are to follow next year. In Europe, the products will be distributed by Kao's subsidiary company, Kanebo, under the Sensai label. The launch is planned for Spring 2020.

    Source, photo: Kao

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