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    Transparency in Palm Oil Extraction

    11/11/19 | 9:00 AM time

    Beiersdorf is a founding member of the cross-industry initiative "Action for Sustainable Derivatives"

    The Hamburg-based cosmetics group, Beiersdorf, is a founding member of a new sustainability initiative. "Action for Sustainable Derivates" brings together companies from all industries that are committed to the environmentally-conscious procurement and production of palm oil and its derivatives.

    The Fraught Ingredient

    Derivatives derived from palm oil are one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients. Excessive cultivation of the raw material unfortunately often leads to ecological and social issues. The deforestation of the rainforest for large plantations has affected local small farmers in particular.

    Initiative for Sustainability and Transparency

    Members of the newly founded initiative have committed themselves to combating the negative effects of the extraction of palm oil and its derivatives. The main focus is on sustainable procurement and further processing of the raw material. Environmental protection in the countries where the crops are grown is to be ensured and local farmers are to be provided with better working and living conditions.

    Union of International Giants

    In addition to Beiersdorf, under the initiative "Action for Sustainable Derivatives", a whole group of companies has also committed themselves to the production of sustainable palm oil. These include The Body Shop, Croda, Estée Lauder, Henkel, L'Oréal and Zschwimmer & Schwarz Italiana. Furthermore, the member companies hope to be able to communicate more effectively with each other, which should increase transparency on the market.

    By 2020, Beiersdorf plans to convert 100 per cent of its own palm oil derivatives to certified sustainable ingredients.

    Source, photo: Beiersdorf

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