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    Beauty Trend: Gel Products Across All Categories

    11/5/19 | 9:00 AM time

    According to Mintel, gel formulations are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of cosmetics

    Mintel has identified gel products' increasing popularity as a newly developing trend in the cosmetics market. According to the market research company, the formulas are now used in all product categories. They give the products an air of playfulness, but are still fully functional.

    The Benefits of Gel Formulations

    Due to their unique texture, gel products are pleasant to handle and offer the user a playful experience. They can also be applied in new ways, meaning that they have certain functional advantages. Especially in skincare, gels are often used for their moisturising and cooling effects.

    Gel Products in Skincare

    One of the latest gel launches in skincare is the Bosica Jelly Cleanser. In this case, the actual cleaning solution is found in an elastic-plastic ball that is used to apply the product. Aqualabo is trying to convince with a spray that turns gel into water on the skin, and Shiseido has recently launched a Mochi mask with jelly consistency designed for self-mixing.

    Other Categories to Follow

    A number of companies are also trying to score points with creative gel solutions outside of skincare. For instance, in the high-end sector, Givenchy has launched a gel highlighter, while Ellis Brooklyn is offering a fragrance made from a water-based gel. The trend has also reached Germany, where essence introduced a jelly mask for nails to the market.

    Source: Mintel, photo: Adobe Stock/ Настя Короткова

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