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    The Ideal Online Shop

    10/17/19 | 9:00 AM time

    Gartner L2 reveals what new consumers look for when shopping for cosmetics

    The British market research and polling company Gartner L2 has conducted a new online survey about the design of online beauty shops. The results of the survey showed that many providers do not fully utilise the information potential of their websites. Which means, according to Gartner L2, they miss an opportunity to ideally engage new consumers.

    Transparency Is Everything

    Today, the most important factor when buying cosmetics is the composition of products. Consumers want to know what's inside their skin care or make-up products, and what benefits these ingredients can offer their skin. However, according to Gartner L2, most online stores are not yet optimally designed to share this information.

    The Perfect Online Presentation

    Gartner L2 claims that a list of ingredients is the most important feature in an online cosmetics store. This information is provided by almost all web retailers. In addition, there are other helpful options like compressed lists that only name the most important ingredients and explain their effect on the skin, that are not as frequently displayed.

    Websites can also be made visually appealing by adding images of the individual active ingredients and before-and-after photos. Finally, Gartner L2 recommends presenting simplified models demonstrating the efficacy of ingredients.

    Source: Gartner L2, photo: Adobe Stock/ Monika Wisniewska

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