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    Personal Beauty Role Models

    9/23/19 | 9:00 AM time

    Ipsos: Mothers, not online personalities, are women's most trusted beauty influencers

    The market and opinion research institute Ipsos concluded in an international study that the most important beauty influencers for women are not found on Instagram, YouTube and the like. When it comes to cosmetics, customers place the greatest value on the opinions of their mothers, friends and sisters.

    Importance of the Personal Environment

    On an international level, almost every second woman stated that she values the opinion of her mother (49 per cent) or her friends (48 per cent) when it comes to beauty questions. Sisters and other family members followed shortly behind (45 per cent). In Germany, one in four women (41 per cent) is influenced by her mother when it comes to care and cosmetics, one in three (33 per cent) listens to friends and acquaintances and one in four listens to other family members (25 per cent).

    Online Influence Proves Less Important

    When compared to the influence from one' s personal environment, online channels are far behind, at least in Germany. Only one in seven consumers gets tips from online videos (15 per cent) or photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram (14 per cent). On an international comparison, however, Germany is the exception. Worldwide, nearly every third participant places value on online videos (34 per cent) or Instagram (31 per cent) when choosing their personal care routine.

    Additionally, 33 per cent of international respondents, rely on tips from magazines, while in Germany only about 22 per cent of respondents do the same.

    Source: Ipsos, photo: Adobe Stock / Syda Productions

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