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    Evonik: In Search of New Ingredients

    9/9/19 | 12:00 PM time

    The company is investing in academic microbiome research

    Evonik is now investing in academic research into the microbiome with the goal of developing new ingredients for the cosmetics industry. The Essen-based chemicals group has teamed up with the University of California San Diego on this project. This partnership is to last a total of three years.

    The Microbiome - as Individual as a Fingerprint

    The so-called microbiome is the sum of all the microscopically small organisms in or on the human body. These include viruses, bacteria and fungi, which to a great extent can also be found on the human skin. According to Evonik, the exact composition of microorganisms is specific to each individual and as unique as a fingerprint.

    Microorganisms and Skin Health

    According to Evonik, research into the microbiome is interesting not only for scientists but also for consumers. The small organisms protect the top layer of the skin and are also said to play a role in the ageing process. As a result, the company plans to focus in particular on the development of ingredients that keep the microbiome intact.

    Collaboration with Special Department

    The partnership with the American university allows Evonik to collaborate with its microbial research department. The Center of Microbiome Innovation offers the latest technologies for sampling and observation of microscopic metabolic processes as well as the fastest methods for data analysis.

    Evonik has stated that, in addition to conducting research on potential cosmetic ingredients, the partnership is also committed to researching treatments for serious diseases.

    Source, photo: Evonik

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