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    First CO2-neutral cork packaging for Lush

    9/4/19 | 11:00 AM time

    Lush's first CO2-neutral Product: Cork Pots

    In a press release, the British company announced that Lush Fresh Handmade's Cork Pot container is its first product to be certified CO2-neutral. This cork storage option is the starting point towards the company's goal of significantly reducing its CO2 emissions.

    The Search for Climate-Neutral Solutions

    According to Lush, the company plans to minimise their products' carbon footprints through sustainable solutions in transport and manufacturing cycles. To this end, the British company recently started using decomposable cork storage materials for its solid, unpackaged soap.

    Cork as a CO2 Neutraliser

    Lush sources the cork from the non-profit organisation Eco Intervention in the region of Alentejo in Portugal. Cork oaks absorb up to 5% of Portugal's CO² emissions. Lush also pays five Euros to local suppliers for every Cork Pot sold, thus helping them protect the environment.

    Cork at Sea

    The British company also decided to transport the Cork Pots to Great Britain by sea in order to minimise CO2 emissions from transport. In 2018, Lush commissioned a ship to deliver a ton of salt from Portugal to Dorset. The delivery took four weeks. According to Lush, this traditional transport method has proven to be one of the most sustainable. For the Cork Pots, Lush opted for this type of transport for a second time in July 2019.

    Source, Photo: Lush

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