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    Silicic Acid for Whiter Teeth

    8/22/19 | 11:00 AM time

    Evonik presents SPHERILEX 145, a new special oral hygiene product

    German manufacturer Evonik has introduced a new silica product to the oral care industry. The ingredient SPHERILEX 145 was created specifically for toothpaste formulations and is intended to provide whiter teeth in a particularly gentle way.

    Silicic Acid in Dental Care

    SPHERILEX 145 is a silicic acid concentrate This ingredient is used in dental care products that have a bleaching effect. What makes the new variant from Evonik special is the gentle cleaning offered by the product, as well as the COSMOS label. With the certification the active ingredient is also suitable for the manufacture of natural products.

    Gentle Cleaning Thanks to Microscopic Beads

    The product’s particles are microscopic and spherical in shape, thus ensuring very gentle cleaning. According to Evonik, normal teeth as well as fillings and implants suffer less abrasion as a result. The product can also be combined with other bleaching ingredients such as phosphates and chelates without losing its gentle properties.

    Source: Evonik, photo: Adobe Stock / New Africa

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