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    New Plant Extraction Method

    2/6/19 | 8:00 AM time

    Pierre Fabre presents Green Native Expression, an environmentally friendly extraction method

    French cosmetic company Pierre Fabre has developed a new process of extracting ingredients from plants. The patented Green Native Expression procedure makes it possible to extract active ingredients without water or solvents and is thus extremely environmentally friendly.

    Extraction with the Help of Pressure and Temperature Changes

    In Green Native Expression, untreated plants are exposed to high pressure and temperature fluctuations for a short period of time. This causes cell decomposition. The water contained in the plant is released and acts as a natural solvent. Enzymes are neutralised while the rest of the extract's molecules stay intact.

    Environmentally Friendly Method with a High Yield

    The plant sap extracted with Green Native Expression is 100 per cent organic and has not been changed in any way. According to Pierre Fabre, the yield from this method is even higher than it is with comparable methods.

    The first product made with ingredients obtained through Green Native Expression will be launched on the French market in mid-February. A global launch is planned for mid March.

    Source, photo: Pierre Fabre

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