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    Hispanics spend more on beauty products

    3/24/15 | 8:12 AM time

    U.S. consumer survey: Hispanics attach more importance to beauty

    Hispanics spend more money on beauty products than Non-Hispanics. According to a consumer survey conducted by the market research company Nielsen, spending on beauty products grow year-over-year. The key categories where the growth is particularly obvious are cosmetics, hair care accessories, personal care appliances, bar and liquid soap, hand and body lotion, facial cleanser and moisturizer and shaving needs. Both Hispanic women and men are an attractive target group, as the researchers state.

    U.S. citizens with Latin American or Spanish roots, also known as Hispanics, account for 17% of the U.S. population and become an important target group for the beauty industry. Half of the top 20 consumer packaged goods categories where Hispanics over-index, or spend more frequently than the general population, are in health and beauty, as the researchers report. In the 12-month period ending October 2014 Hispanics accounted for 16% of total U.S. spending on hair care, 14% in the fragrances category, and 13% in the cosmetics category.

    A strong beauty culture drives beauty consumption

    According to Nielsen, a strong culture of beauty influences Hispanic consumers’ decisions. Personal appearance is very important for them: They feel valued and grow their self-esteem by getting a new hairstyle or wearing fragrances, creams or cosmetics. As a result, Hispanic consumers tend to use personal care products frequently and like to experiment with new products, as the researchers report. So they are willing to spend more on beauty products than Non-Hispanics, as the researchers explain.

    By comparing the several key categories the differences between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic consumers become clear. In the considered 12-month period, Non-Hispanics’ spending on hair care accessories decreased 3.6% while Hispanic consumers’ spending increased 3%, the market researchers report. Hispanics spent 7.4% more on cosmetics and Non-Hispanics spent 1.2% less. Nielsen also recorded above-average spending of Hispanic consumers in the bar and liquid soap category (+9.5) and in the hand and body lotion categor (+9.3%). In contrast, Non-Hispanic consumers’ spending on these increased only 1.9% and 4% respectively.

    Men’s spending on beauty products grows

    According to Nielsen, Hispanic men are not far behind Hispanic women regarding beauty products. Hispanic men account for 17.1% of total U.S. spending on hair colouring men, with an increasing tendency. In 2013, Hispanic men’s share was 16.3%. Regarding disposable razor men, the share of total spending was 15.6% (2013: 14.8%), and the share of total spending on fragrances men was 14.1% (2013: 12.9%). According to the researchers, thus Hispanic men are part of a larger trend – total U.S. male spending on beauty products increased 10% in the 12-month period ending June 2014.

    In terms of beauty buying habits Hispanics’ roots and the preferred language plays an important role, as the analysts state. U.S.-born Hispanics have higher incomes and thus have a higher spending on beauty than foreign-born Hispanics. In addition, the survey shows that Spanish-speaking dominant Hispanics typically spend more on hair colouring, hair growth, and personal care than English-preferred counterparts. However, both groups similarly prefer mass merchandisers as shopping destination for beauty products.

    Source: Nielsen, photograph: fotolia/ Minerva Studio

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